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Biking Spain's Basque Country and Cycling its Climbs

Planning to Cycle Spain's north and check off all those climbs?  With roads like these and its Vuelta a España history, you are in for a treat.  Get to know some of the Basque Country's road cycling heritage before you go!Cycling the Basque Country is excellent and road cyclists will love the climbs here, which can be anything from short and impossibly steep to milder inclines but always with some staggering scenery and dramatic landscape.There are so many to choose from it is hard to make time to cycle them all. Bike such notables as the Category 2 climb, Alto de Arrate (“Alto Ixua”) which has been a stage final for the Vuelta a España 3 times or even the nice Cat 1, Alto de Bianditz which is a good one as it never gets too steep to breath!Give Jaizkibel a go  which can be climbed from both sides of the east and west. Eager for something more, bike the brutal Urkiola, a great one to challenge every road cyclist with its 7% average on the short (5.4km) route which reaches some…

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