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Weren't able to make that bike trip to Spain due to Corona Virus Lockdowns or airline disruption?

Here are some Top Spanish films to check out and get a taste of the country we hope you will visit soon, Spain!  ¡Viva España!

I know we are all scanning media libraries & Netflix accounts like mad these days trying to find something and so here is a list of films to watch from your cozy little self-isolation nest. Make those long days a little shorter whilst we all do our part for our hardworking health and public services and stay out of their way, and watch Spanish themed content!

A really nice homegrown one for Spain - SAD HILL UNEARTHEDis an inspirational true story and documentary on how several Spanish men, due to their love of the Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti western, the "Good the Bad and the Ugly", resurrect the famous cemetery scene featured in the movie.
Binge-watching Drama goes to...MONEY HEISTAn independent Netflix series, it was filmed mainly in Madrid, "The Professor" a criminal mastermind, plans to do the perfect crime in the world and defraud the …

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