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Best Winter Cycling Destination? It’s got to be Málaga & the Costa de Sol!

Use 2020 to discover what local Spanish cyclists have always known, that Southern Spain`s favourite city Málaga is the best place to bike and live in the colder months.

Cyclists if the thoughts of dark winter nights are already depressing you, remember southern Spain`s Málaga, has some superb cycling, just out of the city centre and is easy to get to.
Being loved by the Phoenicians, Romans, and Moors, Málaga is still beloved by modern day travellers and is easily accessed by International flights from Montreal to Manchester and fast train connections from Madrid (only 3 hours away!).Once you are here you won´t be disappointed either. The National Meteorological Agency states that the Costa del Sol is the sunniest in Spain with a 320 days of sun, and Málaga itself gets 2,901 hours of sunshine!That surely is enough to get some good riding in.
Culture Vultures will enjoy Málaga! A short warm up ride from the City centre is not a chore and the coastal road sees packs of road cyclists out at a…

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