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Top Books & Movies for your Bike Trip in Nova Scotia

Cycle touring in Canada this Summer? Read some of the Best Literature that Nova Scotia and the Maritimes has to offer before you  go and cycle Eastern Canada.
Canadian cyclists on a "Staycation" or those from abroad wishing to cycle this great country should have a look at these books and movies to give you an idea of the interesting cultural identity of a unique part of this huge nation, the Maritimes.
"Out of Towners" venturing to this northern country, you will soon find out upon travelling in Canada, that it is a country of creators. Whether this means from simple craft work to artistic directors, playwrights, journalists, novelists and readers, with many ethnicities and cultural experiences. It may be those long winter days and nights, but the number of bestselling authors coming from here is impressive. Margaret Atwood is perhaps one of the most famous due to her Handmaids Tale being used most recently for political purposes. A poet, novelist, critic, activist,…

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