Our Challenging Spanish Road Bike Tour in BICYCLING AUSTRALIA

Challenging Road Biking in Southern Spain
Bicycling Australia´s story, “Hot, Flat and Unemployed” by cycling journalist, Roger Cull featured our challenging road bike route, Lakes, Mountains & Sea tour as a highlight trip on an around Spain journey. From summit to sea, we can´t help but agree with Roger that it is a stunner.

 “You’ve heard that Tuscany and the Dolomites in Italy are stunning, the French Alps challenging, the Rheine and Mosel rivers in Germany gorgeous, the Loire and Burgundy regions in France beautiful. Well, in all of these impressions you would be right. But what about Spain? Roger Cull journeys to set the record straight about cycling in Europe’s fifth largest, but one of its lesser visited and probably lesser understood cycling destinations.”

Bicycling Australia Article about Cycling in Southern Spain - Self led Road Bike Tours
White Villages and Mountain Cycling

The white villages are scattered across rolling hills of olive groves, cork trees and vineyards… So what better way to move through this fairy tale landscape than by bicycle? Nine years ago Maggi Jones and Geoff Norris, she a Canadian and he a pom, moved to Alhama de Granada, a small town near the centre of Granada Provence which is in turn near the centre of Andalucía Region. …. We chose a self-guided tour. Apart from the obvious cost saving, the Cycling Country (CC) concept of a self-guided tour is a winner;.. following a route that has been carefully crafted to take in the best of the countryside and local towns but avoids the busy roads (which from our experience in northern Spain are not always obvious from road maps).

Quality Bikes, Great Directions

Materials supplied are comprehensive; maps, corner by corner, turn by turn written directions, even the route loaded into your GPS (or onto a CC GPS), plus maps and brochures on towns/sights/attractions en route… A stunning ride of around 600km over six days. We punctuated our tour with a couple of days in Granada (city)to visit the Alhambra and to ride the Pico de Veleta… There’s no need to recount our ride day by day or hill by hill. Suffice it to say that it was a feast of the aforementioned white villages and stunning landscapes, liberally peppered with challenging climbs and thrilling descents, the best of which, and one of the best you could ever ride, is on the last day. .. An unforgettable finish to a cracker of a tour. A week on a CC self-guided tour in Andalucía would be the perfect way to stretch the legs and the lungs when you’ve had about enough of European cathedrals and museums.

Self led Road Bike Tours with Challenging routes in Spain

Try a couple Self guided Routes together for an Epic Workout

Or string two or three together and really settle into the lifestyle. And if you don’t feel like taking your own bike then use one of CC’s collection of good quality Carbon Treks. Bring your own shoes, peddles and saddle and it might almost feel like your own bike.
Self led Road Bike Tours that have challenging climbs


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