Andalucian Lurking Dangers!

Our Road Bike tour Lakes, Mountains and Sea , which ends in Almuñecar, on the warm and sunny Costa Tropical, is where you can find this most potent and somewhat evil plant. 

When I walked by one the other day, I couldn't believe the overwhelming intoxicating smell but if ingested or drunk in a tea (more common than you would think!), woah, watch out, really dreadful spasms, horrific hallucinations, paralysis, trances, and even cases of insanity.  Called ironically “Angel´s Trumpets” it was used in ancient rituals throughout South and Central America where it is native, and is rumoured to be a main component in Haitian “zombie” making.  Australia even tried banning some of the species of this plant.

There are many around the district here and while really unique and beautiful perhaps best to stick to Tetleys tea??


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