Think about Andalucía, and what springs to mind? Flamenco, prancing horses and polka dot dresses?  If that is your take on this rich culture, then you have got to get over here in fiesta season, which is right now!  Sevilla, the capital of Andalucía and the heart land of all that is dear (and stereotypicaly Spanish!) is having its famous Feria this week. 

Do not miss this colourful extravaganza in all its noise and brilliance, and watch the way Sevillanos (people from Seville) enjoy this most popular event in Andalucía; full on and with great gusto.  

Sevillanos usually arrive to “El Real” (the main fiesta fairground) in carriages (remember.. prancing horses!) , and they will find there several “casetas” (tents), most of them private, but there are a few public as well to catch the vibe in and drink and enjoy tapas all you want . If you are there, and are the lucky one having a Sevillano friend, take up their invitation and really feel a part of this wonderful party, it will be worth it for sure!

“ La Feria de Abril” (which has taken place since the mid 1800s) happens two weeks after Easter and gathers people from all over Spain.  Dancing, drinking, eating and socialising from around midday until early evening is expected.  Just to clarify, early evening to Sevillanos sometimes means.. the very early hours of the next morning! Talk about cycling stamina.. you need serious staying power to keep up and party with these people.

However, don´t be a wallflower in this town of beautiful blooms, try to take some flamenco dancing lessons before going.  If you embrace it fully, you will be dancing in the streets just like a local and boy, it is fun.  Men are always well-dressed with suits these days and most of women are wearing flamenco dresses (the traditional polka-dotted dress) still an iconic part of this Fair. 
If you are wondering whether you should go out or not, Don´t be afraid, be brave, the only answer is , for sure you have to! However, do leave your bike at the hotel this time, 2 wheels will only hinder your dancing and of course, we don´t recommend drinking and …cycling!

Missed out on Sevilla this year?  Come with us on our 21st of May Enchanted Andalucia tour, which stays in lovely UNESCO heritage city Córdoba when their lively feria is on!


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