TOP EATS TO BIKE ON - Mulebar, tasty options to keep Cycling!

We are proud to announce that Mulebar has recently become one of our partners!

It was 2 months ago, while trying to choose a natural product to offer to our clients, that we found Mulebar. Internationally known, they have a short (created in 2002) but impressive company history and are one of the few natural but environmentally sustainable brands.

The founders of the brand were scaling the heights of the Andes Mountains when they were troubled by gastric problems. They realised that there were a lack of energy bars on the market which were made from 100% natural ingredients but still tasted amazing. They then started creating recipes based on ingredients that they had fallen in love with or following a great meal or dish they enjoyed over the weekend such as Apple Strudel or Salted Caramel. So food experience was the most important key in creating something useful for themselves and others!

Totally passionate about high quality products and food, their main premise is: creating the highest quality energy products using only the best ingredients, being natural, delicious, traditional, recognizable, ethical, involved, mouth-watering, and delicious. That is a lot to pack into a small energy bar, but amazingly, they do it!

All their products are vegan and 80% are organic and the nutritional value for each bar is surprisingly good considering they do not claim to be high protein or low sugar. Their motto is “all natural”, which means the healthier you eat the better your body will feel! So, that was a good start for us!

However, what made us feel absolutely right about choosing them is their commitment with Mother Nature. They are really dedicated to raise awareness amongst cyclists and to promote safe and environmentally friendly biking practices to preserve the landscapes. 

They aim to reduce the amount of gel wrapper waste with its range. One of the worst things to see, when cycling, is the number of discarded gel/bar wrappers dumped by cyclists. The temptation is to just throw away the wrapper once you’ve consumed its contents since you are left with a sticky piece of plastic that makes a mess of your hands, clothing and any other kit in your pocket. However, by doing so you’re ruining the countryside for everyone else, and that just isn´t on. Fortunately, Mulebar gels are packaged in refillable containers to reduce waste and as well, the bars are wrapped in a loose package that is easy to open and get the bar out of while on the move. The bars aren´t overly sticky either, which cuts down on that mess too.

Continuing the good stuff, some ingredients are Fairtrade too, and a percentage of profits are donated to the “1% for the Planet” campaign. 

Definitely, Mule Bars are well worth trying. They’re tasty, easy to eat, and provide a good energy boost - and the natural ingredients might be a definite benefit if you get dodgy stomach trouble from other energy products.

Enjoy them on our guided road bike tours to get that energy kick to get over those hills!


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