Every Dog has Its Day on an Andalucian Bike Tour!

How one couple's Spanish bike tour led them to adopt a new member of the family.

Getting away from all the Coronovirus doom and gloom for a moment, here is a story we received yesterday from one of our previous cyclists to brighten your day.
Dogs and Cycling in Spain
Pedro at Home in the UK

Dogs and Cycling in Spain. 

As many of you know, having cycled and travelled in Spain, there are a large number of stray animals visible in every town or village who are abandoned or lost after hunting season, or due to the costs of keeping, neutering / micro-chipping a pet here, especially in an economic crisis.
Last year, having been upset at seeing the many abandoned animals who always crept up, hoping to be near the plentiful picnic spreads on our Enchanted Andalucia Spain bike tour, Jan Collins and her husband, decided to help. One night on the same tour, they pledged to adopt a stray when they got back to the UK.  

International Dog Adopting. 

Immediately upon doing so, they contacted the organization Spanish Stray Dogs for their advice. What ensued was some form filling, telephone and home visits to ensure the experience would be beneficial to both parties, with even a consultation with the organization’s 'Dog Behaviourist' in the UK specifically designed for their particular pup. The Behaviourist is even involved beyond this and is always available for support and training tips for free.

Successful international dog adoption from Spain
Jan & Pedro
The dogs are provided with all their vaccinations, are neutered, micro-chipped and have a passport when they arrive at your doorstep.  You are given a tracking number and literally watch their overseas journey from Spain to your doorstep!
It's been such a lovely experience as our dog was being fostered by a lovely English family in Cadiz (Andalucia) & they had kindly sent all manner of things over with him, including a letter from their very young son telling us all about the pup.  We've kept in contact with them so they can see how he's doing & that's been quite special.” 

Thus, the little puppy, Pedro became a part of Jan’s family and is now fluent in both languages! He has fit into UK lifestyle very happily, though Jan says she is not sure who is luckier, them or Pedro.

What a great Andalucian souvenir from their bike trip!

Cycling Country adopts a cat from the street in Spain. Maybe the cat can ride a bicycle!
Cycling Country's cat from the calle

Future Success Stories. 

Keeping in mind that local businesses and families will be feeling the pinch here in Spain due to unemployment and Coronavirus shutdowns, we realize that animal shelter charities will be the last thing on most people’s list and so Cycling Country has made a small donation to our local abandoned animal shelter.  Alhama Street Animal Protection (ASAP) do great things in our home town, Alhama de Granada in order to find homes for the many dogs and cats of the streets / calles and provide them prior their adoption with support and love.

If anyone is interested in adopting or wishing to know more about Jan’s experience, please feel free to contact us and we will pass your details along.


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