5 Benefits of a Self-Guided Bike Tour

#AloneTogether takes a new meaning in our Covid-19 Cycling World

Self Guided Bike Tours in the Covid era

The realities of a Covid-19 world has changed the cycling touring industry and until there is a vaccination readily available, will continue to do so. 

We at Cycling Country have always been great supporters of small group cycling tours, but now with social distancing, also offer the benefits of the self-guided bike tour.

Why a self guided bike tour?
Feel like your own cycling explorer in a secure infrastructure. Enjoy your own independence with a timetable set by you, a wonderful flexibility.

Private Custom tours for FamiliesSolo cycling / Bike Packing is something we personally love and have travelled global wise on our own for decades. It is the main reason for giving up our past lives to start Cycling Country! 

However, it is not for everyone, we realize and takes a special kind of masochist to really go out their on their own.. and especially when you are doing this without gps and google maps..

Good News is ......
Benefits of Self Guided Cycling Tours

You don´t have to and we will be the first to admit how rewarding it is to be handed the map, notes, gps track notes and bikes to just get on with it.

Here is the chance to make that tried and tested route offered, your own adventure. 

And really, let's be honest, cycling is a unique journey, every time you get on that bike!

5 Benefits to a self guided cycle tour

1)  Supporting local communities
Self Led Cycling ToursOur routes are devised by local cyclists who know the best places to take photos, museum opening times, where to get great.. tapas, pinxos, petiscos..., and provide  up to date regional information 

Most importantly though, they are invested in you having a good ride.

Self led bike tours, allow you to stop when you want to stop and pop into that local cafe and try your hand at the local language.  

When you walk out with a plate of tripe rather than a toastada, well those are just the joys of going it alone.  

However, it can be half the fun.

Cycling Tours in Europe #CyclingCountry
2)   Bike Mechanical expertise not needed.

Enabled to feel comfortable in cycling on your own is a big step to contemplating doing a self-guided bike tour.  Fixing small mechanicals on route is a common requirement for cyclists that many more people are feeling confident to do by themselves but in case of the bigger problems, it is a great safety net to be able to call someone to have them give you advice or indeed provide a new bike. 

Self Led Cycling in Covid times

3)   Worry-free Convenience of pre-booked hotels and luggage movements

You show up to ride, we look after the details.. that’s a pretty good deal.

Self-Guided Bike Tours always take away that nerve racking experience of, for example,  showing up somewhere without a place to stay, especially if it has been a big day on the bike (carrying your own luggage!).  In our own personal experiences of showing up in towns, really ready to stop, but yet having to keep going due to no vacancy, or no place to stay is pretty heavy going on a holiday. Of course, we have wild camped many places like the entire East coast of Australia and most of Europe, one notable place was on a community green, where we had a football kicked into our tent many times by “friendly” locals.. Thus, going your own, has its stresses too and of course, no hot shower at the end of the day.

That isn't even mentioning schlepping your luggage over countless hills either. Takes all the fun out of cycling that does!

4)   Your own pace, your own timetable
Once you get that bike, you are on your own pace, so feel free to stop and take as many photos as you want! This eliminates a lot of stress of trying to keep up with a group.

Cycling In Southern Spain on a self guided tour

Bike Tours for Custom groups or families
 5)  A great reason to invest in a self guided bike tour, pure economics.
Often cheaper than a guided tour, they are a super pared down option for those on a budget or perhaps wanting to cover more area and do 2 tours! 

Covid – 19 Cycling - Try a bike trip in a less inhabited area.
We are finding that the bike tours (guided and self-guided) we offer in such expansive places like Andalucia or Portugal’s Alentejo, where there is little population and a lot of great cycling, are very much of interest now. People want to spread out a little and the cycling here allows you to do miles and miles without running into even a car sometimes.  Inland Spain not only has awesome cycling routes both challenging and for the less experienced, but it is truly is great for social distancing!

Cycling in Spain on a Self Guided Tour

Spain is perfect for this type of holiday as you really can get off the beaten path on a bike and enjoy good solitude. 

Custom Groups for a Spanish bike tour
Still want to cycle in a group?

Private group cycling in Spain
Espousing all the joys of self-guided solo cycling is fine, but let’s face it, cycling is a very social fun sport to do in a group.  We love it too.

Luckily, some tour companies like Cycling Country, are offering any bike tours on the books to be customized and made private for families, friends, and cycling fraternities with all the precautions thrown in of course!

Interested in our self guided bike tours?  Take a look at our Self Guided tour page for tours in Spain, Portugal, France, England and Canada.


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